Trevor Bayliss gives his thoughts on his tenure as England head coach after his final match

After Trevor Bayliss’ final Game as England head coach he spoke to Sky Sports about the Ashes, the World Cup final and the talents of Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer…

On the talents of Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes
“Ben is the own greatest victory. Coaches can just lead teams or players but in the long run enhance and it’s up to those players to grasp the situation. Ben on and off the field has grown unbelievably.
“This is a delicate one with Jofra Archer as he will obviously be in each group and I think maybe in Test cricket. I understand Joe Root relied on him for more spells in this string but going forward I think it could be more about shorter spells of five or four overs."
On winning the Oval Test and drawing on on the Ashes series
“It was a great effort to draw on the series, not being able to win the Ashes, however there was pride at stake for the boys and Test Championship points. Level up the series and to finish off that I believe we showed a lot of character.
“2-2 was a fair score. Both teams had their chances to win the series. We certainly did not play as well as we would have wanted to."
On his favorite moment of the summer
“The cherry on top for this series was winning the World Cup and also there were a whole lot of memories made.
On what needed changing if he took over the white-ball team of England
“A reversal of mindset and a reversal of how we played the sport. Looking back into the 2015 World Cup England played the game a little bit conservative.
“It had been about actually earning players more attuned to playing the modern style of game. Whoever was going to win this World Cup went to want a daring attitude and we stuck in some difficult periods, even throughout the four years.
“It enabled us to have some challenging conversations with all the boys but they stuck to what they believed and over time that they learned to accommodate."
On what he was feeling throughout a World Cup closing
“When it was happening, you are as nervous as anyone. I really don’t think up or I realised what a excellent match it was.
“When you are involved in the game and you are trying to work out exactly what you might be in a position to do and precisely what we need or might be doing. It was not until everything settled down along with the messages came flooding in the realisation came of what the boys had achieved."
On planning for a home World Cup along with Ashes string in 2019
“For all the training staff it has been a very long summer. We knew it was going to be more challenging but with been through it I’m not sure we realised it would be. It had been hard and we were so near both trophies but we will take you."
On if England should have a single mind trainer or along with coaches
“It is a tough one of if you’ve got one or two coaches. If you’ve got two coaches how can they work?
“Ashley Giles will most likely go with one coach and that head trainer needs a bit more time off from the game and that will also enable the assistant coaches more experiences at the helm. In a couple of years time you then have a couple more homegrown Englishmen candidates to select from as another head coach"

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